Sanogma A101DE Single Port

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The Sangoma A101DE is a single port T1/E1/J1 card with available Telco-grade hardware echo cancellation. It’s designed for optimum voice support for smaller systems. The Sangoma A101 one port T1 / E1 SD-WAN failover and data card provides support for data transfer rates up to 1.544 Mbps of full duplex data. The A101 series telephony cards are utilized to lengthen the life of data WAN networks for businesses with more than one location. These telephony cards work with most commercial grade servers so you can keep existing hardware routing devices in-house. With Sangoma cards, you can always take advantage of hardware and software improvements, as soon as they become available.



Sangoma A101DE Key Features
  • One T1/E1 port with optimum PCI Express or PCI interface for high performance voice and data applications.
  • Line decoding: HDB3, AMI, B8ZS.
  • Framing: CRC-4, Non CRC4, SF, D4. Also compatible with Japan’s J1.
  • Support for AsteriskTM, YateTM, and FreeSwitchTM PBX/IVR Projects, as well as other open source and proprietary PBX/Switch/IVR/VoIP gateway applications.
  • All of Sangoma’s AFT products use the same base PCI interface card and the same professionally engineered firmware on the same family of Field Upgradeable Gate Arrays.


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